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3 steps towards stakeholder alignment

by mgirard on 4 January 2018 No comments

Information 4.0 is ubiquitous. It is everywhere online, searchable and findable: but our organizational silos lead to silo’d content delivery too. For your content to be connected, you need people to be connected in your organization. To achieve stakeholder alignment, you need to design your organization to collaborate and learn.

Step 1. Design a stakeholder map

At the design stage, identify and interview the various stakeholders that create content in your organization. You can start with the groups that are familiar to you, and progressively extend the scope. You then create a “content council” with these stakeholders, to ease communication between groups.


Stakeholder interview sheet

Step 2. Integrate content decisions into your processes

Take one step further and identify who creates what, and how. Describe who should be notified of what. Include translation process too in the description.

That way, you capture and clarify those cross-silo collaboration processes that were happening haphazardly.

Make a decision table that describes what content gets created by whom, and link the decision to a content creation process.

Decision table

Step 3. Automate content processes and decisions

Coordination, even minimal, across content creation groups, is essential and cannot be replaced by machines.

But once you’ve captured the processes for content creation, you can automate those so that they are built into your content creation systems.

All content published, on all channels, can then be made available through a traceable process.

Have you managed to achieve stakeholder alignment? Automated your content decisions and processes? Share your experience in the comments.


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mgirard3 steps towards stakeholder alignment

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