About the Information 4.0 Consortium

A little bit of history

The idea of Information 4.0 started when a group of people who met at the 2016 TC World conference in Porto and started talking about ideas related to the information professions. We discovered a strong convergence on a number of themes, and the idea that information was critical in the Industry 4.0 context, and that the humanist aspect needed reinforcing, was the common thread that pulled us together.

After a bit more than a year of work on it, the Information 4.0 Consortium was announced at Information Energy 2017 in Utrecht and Lavacon Dublin 2017, with a core group of people accepting to get involved, some of whom currently play the role of founding members.

Founding members

The founders do not pretend to have all the answers. They are the orchestrators. The rest will be decided by our members.

Our charter

Our next big task is to write a charter, and we plan that to be a collective task. We’ll post something to start the discussion off, and then ask members for their thoughts and needs, so we draft it together.


To help organise the discussion we came up with several areas of activity:

  • A think tank where crazy ideas can be shared
  • The big picture where we want to constantly step back and have a broader view that spans or bridges silos.
  • Bridging silos is all about just that.
  • Technology is about sharing ideas on technology and helping us understand it better.
  • Research made practical is about extracting research from institutes and universities, sometimes funding it and getting it into use cases.
  • Defining our future may seem vague, but it’s all about where the information industry should go and the impact it has on us as a society.
  • Discussion about the consortium is where members will propose or participate in decisions.

Each of these activities has its own forum.


Projects are worked on by consortium members (including partners). There is a special project section to this site, which will become active when the first projects start.

Projects can be public or not – the project participants decide this.

One thing we’ve been discussing is that we want to keep the consortium open and transparent, as much as possible, but there is nothing that prevents consortium members from making their own agreements that include confidentiality, and of course, intellectual property must be respected.

Legal Structure

The Information 4.0 Consortium is incorporated as an association under French law. This is purely for practical purposes since three of the founding members live in France.


Membership is free. This status may change over time if the majority of members decide to go to paid membership.

Several levels of membership exist other than the founding members:

  • Students or University members
  • Basic contributors
  • Partner members
  • Sponsoring members

Student or University members

An academic presence is very important for the consortium since Information 4.0 will have an effect on the way we do our jobs. There is also an educational impact in Information 4.0.

Basic contributors

These are individuals or representatives of entities that want to participate in our activities. They do so by contributing to the ongoing discussion, and later on, helping make decisions.

Partner members

Partner members are entities that want to work with us on key subjects and projects.

Sponsoring members

Sponsoring members are entities that agree to support our activity financially.

Credits and acknowledgments

  • The consortium owes a lot of thanks to Information Energy and Wim Hooghwinkel who believed in the subject from its early days.
  • TECH’advantage and their CEO, Carole Chappey who not only believed in but supported the activity financially from the beginning.
  • Paolo Peraro for his inspiration of the molecular concept.
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