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Become a partner

by Andy on 21 July 2017 No comments

Become a partner

Who can become a partner?

Partnership is open to any company or organisation that wants to work closely with the consortium and its members on projects they propose or proposed by the consortium. The key ideas in this relationship are:

  • Common project or project idea
  • Collaborative working on its development

Why partnership and not just membership?

A partner company or organisation can lead or participate in projects.

A project is given a designated space in which partners can interact. In general, the consortium encourages partnership projects that can be followed in an open fashion, with results available to all. In some cases, however, there may be a need to protect intellectual property and more private partnerships can be negotiated.

A project can be set up for any reason, for example:

  • Confronting and exchanging ideas
  • Building consensus
  • Building cooperation
  • Defining prototypes or proofs of concept
  • Test or use cases

The list is far from exhaustive.

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