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Krakow, Poland

23-25 May 2018

Ray Gallon will present a workshop: Living in Volatile Contexts.

Evolution of TC 2018

Sofia, Bulgaria

30 -31 May 2018

Andy McDonald will give a keynote introduction on the impact of AI-related technology on the way we design & provide software help.


Bilbao, Spain

31 May & 1 June 2018

Ray Gallon will be there 29-31 May to meet people from Basque Country’s Industry 4.0 initiative as well as representatives from industry, software, and university.

Mad World

San Diego, CA, USA

3-6 June 2018

Neil Perlin will speak about Information 4.0 and MadCap Flare

Association for Teacher Education in Europe (ATEE) Spring Conference

Bialystok, Poland

7-9 June 2018

Neus Lorenzo and Ray Gallon will present on Educational Agility: The Next Challenge
(NOTE: not confirmed, but we consider almost certain)

World Federation of Associations for Teacher Education (WFATE) bienniel conference

Melbourne, Australia

9-11 July 2018

Ray Gallon and Neus Lorenzo will present on ” Inclusive Policies for Humanistic Digital Transformation” and kick off the official start of the Information 4.0 Educational Working Group.

TCworld Conference

Stuttgart, Germany

13 – 15 November 2018

Special Information Energy day
Ray Gallon, Andy McDonald and Toni Ressaire are the content organisers for this day.Several other consortium members will also be present. Full details of our presence will be added soon.

Call for participation will open soon.

Spectrum 2019

Rochester, NY, USA

March 2019

This will be the 60th anniversary edition of this regional conference. Look for lots of Information 4.0 topics when the programme is announced.

Spectrum 2018 site:

Past events

Meetup organised by

Paris, France

3 April 2018

Andy McDonald will give a short conference on “How to envisage ethics around the societal impact of AI?

UNESCO Mobile learning week

Paris, France

27 March 2018

Ray Gallon and Neus Lorenzo will present a workshop: Implementing Digital Skills in the Era of Artificial Intelligence, on March 26, and will participate in a panel on AI skills for the digital economy, with an intervention called “The impact of the digital transformation on skills development”.

Documation 2018

Paris, France

20 – 22 March 2018

A full day of roundtables and conferences dealing with future technology and information. It will help measure the impact of technology on information.

Information Energy 2018

Amsterdam, Netherlands

1-2 March 2018

Organised in partnership with TCWorld
Ray Gallon, Andy McDonald and Toni Ressaire were the content organisers for this conference. Several other consortium members were also present.

AndyEvents where you can meet consortium members