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    At the recent STC Summit in Washington DC, I gave a Spotlight talk that I think might interest people on here.

    It was called “So You Think You Know What Your Readers Want?”, and presented data from a study I did that measured and compared how readers define documentation quality, as well as how writers assume readers define it.
    I used a narrow yet comprehensive set of well-known and empirically based information quality (IQ) dimensions (based on previous research by Wang & Strong, 1996) that cover all categories of IQ – Intrinsic, Representational, Contextual, and Accessibility.

    You can see a summary of it, as well as the slide deck, here:

    If anyone is interested in seeing the full data set, please feel free to contact me.

    NB: I’m also preparing a paper building a focused, clearly defined, and reader-oriented model for collecting meaningful and actionable feedback based on these IQ categories and dimensions.
    That should be published in Technical Communication soon (if I can get my act together).

  • Yoel StrimlingYoel Strimling


    The papers from this research project have been published:
    Strimling, Y. (2019). Beyond Accuracy: What Documentation Quality Means to Readers. Technical Communication, 66(1), 7-29
    Strimling, Y. (2018). So You Think You Know What Your Readers Want? Intercom, 65(6), 4-9

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Yoel StrimlingDefining Documentation Quality from the Readers' POV