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    In many respects, Information 4.0 is a continuation of the collective character of information that was started by Wikipedia and other crowd sourced platforms. Different information statements by different authors will be combined and presented to audiences according to the specific needs of individuals. However, a real possibility exists that contaminated information will get mixed together with valid information, and that users won’t be able to know what pieces of information are reliable. As we move away from a single source paradigm, where one organization vouches for the reliability of information, this will be a bigger concern.

    Already, we see cases where machines are indiscriminate in how they prioritize and deliver information from less credible sources.

    The intentional or unintentional corruption of information is referred to as vandalism in the Wikipedia community. A video below is discussion of how it surfacing in the Wikidata project.

    Ultimately, the potential of Information 4.0 will depend on having processes to counter information vandalism, and mechanisms to verify the provenance and reliability of specific information modules.


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Michael AndrewsPreventing Information Vandalism