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Information 4.0 – birth of a consortium

by Ray Gallon on 7 July 2017 No comments

A year and a half down the road and a lot of gins-and-tonic under the belt, here we are.

The Information 4.0 consortium exists and it’s not a bot, but we are sure going to talk about them. We will also talk about artificial intelligence, the internet of things, augmented reality and anything connected to Industry 4.0 and beyond.

All the “smart” and the “intelligent” stuff being done right now by technology will change the information experience as we know it. The only thing is, the way we see it, the information part itself is not really being considered. But it’s not the fault of technology, really. First of all, that’s what happens when you work in silos and can’t see the value of making bridges. Secondly, technology is much more attractive for financing.

We believe that information is what will make it all happen or not. How many bots will survive beyond 2017 when the novelty wears off and we realise that without content of value, they are just gadgets?

None of these technologies works without information that is designed with purpose and people in mind. It all has to remain people-centred and in the long term preserve humanist values that are the core of cultures.

Achieving this is about bridging silos, bringing our expertise together to understand how information and technology really need to work together.

The I in AI is more human than artificial and will remain so for a long time still. The technology will change the information experience, but we don’t want it to disappoint. This will mean agreeing on a few things together, understanding context and contextualisation, working together on molecularity and automatic assembly of information compounds.

That’s what the consortium is all about, getting industries to work together, help technology benefit information and in the end, the people who will buy into it. When people talk about “user journey” or “customer journey,” this is what they mean. What is the experience we have as we get involved with this technology, is it one that is pleasing and beneficial for us humans, or is it more of a trial and a painful process? Information, and its role in the design and conception of technological products of all sorts, makes the difference.

The consortium is free and open to anyone who wants to contribute. We will partner with organisations and universities. Our activity will be funded by sponsorship. We are at the beginning. We will soon be incorporated as a not-for-profit association under French law, and the work must begin on defining our mission and writing our charter.

That means that by joining us now, you can have a voice in how that develops, and add your voice to shaping the future of how we work and how we use technology.

Join us now.

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One of the founders of this little consortium, a humanist nerd by self-appointment, professional stratosphere walker and curmudgeon all in one.

Ray GallonInformation 4.0 – birth of a consortium

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