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Information 4.0 @ Documation 2017

by Andy on 13 March 2017 No comments

Information 4.0 @ Documation 2017

This year, Documation is devoting an entire day of conferences to the Information 4.0 theme with forward-thinking industry experts sharing their points of view.

This is a new track at Documation 2017.

Information 4.0

Information 4.0 is an international initiative that has been going on since 2016, to define the information component of Industry 4.0, how it reacts, how it is built and how it impacts our jobs.

The future major themes in this track are:

  • Continuous Update and Offer
  • Transforming the notion of validity
  • Change for information professionals
  • Responsibility – put the human back in AI

The angle adopted for this day of conferences is how we can consider implementing Information 4.0 and how our industry needs to engage with Industry 4.0. For everyone in the French market, this is an excellent way to get on board with some of the thinking going on since 2016 in this area and to see how they can get involved in a phenomenon that will soon impact the way we work.

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Conference track

These conferences are in a dedicated room (Workshop room 5), so drop in and see the people there.

9:30 – 10:15

Information 4.0: State of the Art

Where we are in defining Information 4.0 and its basic concepts. Exchanges with professionals and measurement of acceptance.

  • sponsored by TECH’advantage

Andy McDonald, Product Manager at TECH’advantage

10 :30 – 11 :15

The importance of human decision

In an AI world, how can we put the human back in the decision-making role? What are we ready to automate? What’s the value of humans when machines do the work? Deciding on updates, pertinence, collaborative consent cannot be replaced.

  • sponsored by Magellan Aviation Services/Doctech

Alexandre Loukakos, President Magellan Aviation and
Eleana Mavroeidi, Legal Officer / Procurement Magellan Aviation Services Inc

11 :30 – 12 :15

Dynamic delivery – an essential information component for Industry 4.0

Dynamic Content Delivery completely changes our way of searching, reading, navigating, and interacting with technical documentation. It makes PDF and paper manuals obsolete, and supplies each user with the contextual information that s/he needs. At the moment where industry itself becomes more dynamic, and products become highly configurable, dynamic delivery brings an adapted response to the dissemination of knowledge. 

  • sponsored by Antidot

Fabrice Lacroix, Founder and CEO at Antidot

12 :30 – 13 :15

Round Table: Archiving and long-term information access in Information 4.0

Industry 4.0 implies a world where information is dematerialised, and often in formats not readable by humans. A panel drawn from the world of archiving will interact with Adobe experts to explore how to guarantee the availability and readability of information over the long term, for archiving and for traceability.

  • sponsored by Adobe Technical Communication

Stefan Gentz
, Adobe Worldwide TechComm Evangelist and panel of experts

13 :30 – 14 :15

Industry 4.0 – an opportunity for intelligent content?

What are the particular characteristics of document management in a universe of connected objects? Content needs to be able to pass easily among platforms and devices and to adapt to the specifics of each user context. Discover how to use DITA to create real cooperation inside a company, well beyond tools and formats.

  • sponsored by Ixiasoft

Nolwenn Kerzreho, Technical Account Manager Europe for IXIASOFT

14 :30 – 15 :15

Hybrid Cross-media information in the world of Industry 4.0

Hybrid information – shared between humans and machines, is also a type of trans-media communication. Thus, it presents multiple challenges of complexity. Ray Gallon interviews Stefan Gentz, Jang Graat and Saibal Bhattacharjee of Adobe to explore what this implies and Adobe’s view of its impact on the market. The session will be interactive with participation from the public.

  • sponsored by Adobe Technical Communication

Stefan Gentz, Adobe Worldwide TechComm Evangelist

Saibal Bhattacharjee
, Principal Product Marketing Manager at Adobe

Jang Graat, Founder/CEO at Smart Information Design

15 :30 – 16 :15

What strategy for Information 4.0?

User experience changes inside Industry 4.0, and so does what we see as content. With ever-increasing volume, we also have to face a multiplication of the multi-channel effect in rapid and unpredictable change. A new strategy or content strategy is required that leverages collective intelligence and AI.

Marie Girard, Enterprise Content Strategist at IBM

16 :30 – 17 :15

Round Table: How will Information 4.0 impact general responsibility in content creation?

What do we define as valid in Information 4.0?
What will be the extent of our responsibility as creators?
Will this include information generated by robots?
Ethics & Information 4.0: will we be involved or excluded?Moderated by Andy McDonald

  • sponsored by TECH’advantage

Ray Gallon, co-founder of the Transformation Society

Wim Hooghwinkel, Program Manager Information Energy Conference (tcworld)

As well as:
Marie Girard, IBM, and
Nolwenn Kerzreho, Ixiasoft

AndyInformation 4.0 @ Documation 2017

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