Andrzej Zydroń

Andrzej Zydroń

Andrzej Zydroń

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CTO @ XTM International, Andrzej Zydroń is one of the leading IT experts on Localization and related Open Standards. Zydroń sits/has sat on, the following Open Standard Technical Committees:

  2. LISA OSCAR xml:tm
  4. W3C ITS
  6. OASIS Translation Web Services
  7. OASIS DITA Translation
  10. DITA Localization
  11. Interoperability Now!
  12. Linport


Zydroń has been responsible for the architecture of the essential word and character count GMX-V (Global Information Management Metrics eXchange) standard, as well as the revolutionary xml:tm (XML based text memory) standard which will change the way in which we view and use translation memory. Zydroń is also chair of the OASIS OAXAL (Open Architecture for XML Authoring and Localization) reference architecture technical committee which provides an automated environment for authoring and localization based on Open Standards.

Zydroń has worked in IT since 1976 and has been responsible for major successful projects at Xerox, SDL, Oxford University Press, Ford of Europe, DocZone and Lingo24 in the fields of document imaging, dictionary systems and localization. Zydroń is currently working on new advances in localization technology based on XML and linguistic methodology.

Highlights of his career include:

  1. The design and architecture of the European Patent Office patent data capture system for Xerox Business Services.
  2. Writing a system for the automated optimal typographical formatting of generically encoded tables (1989).
  3. The design and architecture of the Xerox Language Services XTM translation memory system.
  4. Writing the XML and SGML filters for SDL International's SDLX Translation Suite.
  5. Assisting the Oxford University Press, the British Council and Oxford University in work on the New Dictionary of the National Biography.
  6. Design and architecture of Ford's revolutionary CMS Localization system and workflow.
  7. Technical Architect of XTM International’s revolutionary Cloud based CAT and translation workflow system: XTM.


Specific areas of specialization:

1.     Advanced automated localization workflow

2.     Author memory

3.     Controlled authoring

4.     Advanced Translation memory systems

5.     Terminology extraction

6.     Terminology Management

7.     Translation Related Web Services

8.     XML based systems

9.     Web 2.0 Translation related technology


Level Basic contributor

Start Date 7 September 2017

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