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Information Energy 2018 in Amsterdam

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Documation 2018 in Paris

The information 4.0 day at Documation 2018 will help us understand more about the parts of AI we can use, the way to design conversational bots and even the benefits of blockchain for information.

The call for communications is open. If you want to be part of these discussions, now is the time.

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What is Information 4.0?

Information in cohabitation with IoT, Chatbots, and the future AI

Information is an integral part of emerging technology. The concept of 4.0 first started by examining how information is dealt with in Industry 4.0 and then expanding it to the emerging high-powered technologies around us. Information 4.0 examines the form, production, interaction and curation of this information component. It also examines the changing and emerging information roles.

A new definition

To better understand Information 4.0 we came up with this core definition in 2016:

  • Molecular – no documents, just information molecules
  • Dynamic – continuously updated
  • Offered rather than delivered
  • Ubiquitous, online, searchable and findable
  • Spontaneous – triggered by contexts
  • Profiled automatically

This definition, in its embryonic state, needs to be confronted with real-world usage.

Autonomous but dependant

In its basic definition, Information 4.0 is autonomous. The environment in which versions of the same information molecules or volatile compounds are accessed is determined by the technology surrounding it and the consumer. This becomes a relationship which affects the information itself. This relationship will need to be codified.

It goes beyond the simple notion of media in terms of purpose and requires new codes of communication.


Information 4.0 is defined and assembled into valid compounds based on a context. The context itself in dynamically determined by levels of location, process and experience. This requires defining a contextualising model across the industry.

A contextual model, engines for computing it in real-time and normalisation of its design for multiple participant technologies and the information itself all need to be defined or designed.

Human and non-human roles

The majority of information is produced by humans today. It can be predicted that this factor will change as we approach valid AI. A production environment for information compounds integrating molecules of human and non-human origin makes us want to define the boundaries and margins of this interaction. Beyond understanding the process and what it entails, we may be faced with broader ethical questions we need to address

What is the Information 4.0 Consortium?

We are an international group of people seeking to bridge the divide between technology and content.

Birds of a feather

A common denominator among members of this consortium is the ability to look ahead and step outside the box. A lot of us have a humanist approach, even in highly technical environments. Most of us see the current state of the art as an opportunity to shape information for tomorrow.

Embracing change

Change is challenging. For the information industry, it usually means just embracing it, while technology tends to induce it. To ensure proper information handling tomorrow, we believe that we not only have to embrace change but provoke it.

Making sure it’s user-centric

Tomorrow’s technology driven world must be user-consumer centred or we will have missed out on mastering a major change in the human relation to information. The real issue is understanding that as we move to AI-driven technology the equation must remain HI-AI (human and artificial). For a long time yet, the intelligence in AI is human.

Our charter

Our charter, for now, is simple.

It will be shaped by the members.


Our Work

The following areas of activity will be dealt with as we move forward.

Think tank

Think is a free space for contributing ideas and confronting them.

The big picture

This is all about not losing track of our core humanist values as we move to a world where information is more controlled by machines.

Bridging silos

This is all about trying to bridge silos between industry sectors, especially between technology and information


Technology innovates exponentially. Survival is about understanding it and its effect on us.

Research made practical

A lot of research projects are sitting in drawers. This is about getting in touch with them.

Defining our future

It is up to us to define how information participates in the technological revolution.

General discussion about the consortium

This is all about not losing track of our core humanist values as we move to a world where information is more controlled by machines.

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